Inclement weather has impacted the service of XGS in some areas of the country. Please check our Weather Alert Map to view affected service centers.

We appreciate your patience during this time and will route shipments to final destinations as soon as it is safe to do so. If you have any questions about a shipment, please contact us at


Customized Logistics Solutions

XGS offers seamless supply chain integration that pushes your distribution to the highest level. From custom kitting to white-label user dashboards, we put tools and data to work for your business in ways other carriers and 3PLs can’t match.

Develop custom solutions that help you sell, ship, and grow your business.

Competing and winning business at the highest level requires complete control over your inventory, trust in your workforce and equipment, and instantaneous visibility into your entire supply chain. XGS offers a complete suite of value-add services such as pick-and-pack, kitting, and carpet cutting.

When you choose XGS as your partner, our supply chain experts work hand-in-glove with your staff to provide useful tools that go to work for you as quickly as possible. Just like our other service offerings, XGS custom solutions dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of managing your supply chain so you can concentrate on sales and growth.

Unify your supply chain operations with the XGS Customer Portal.

The cutting-edge tools and data of the XGS Customer Portal allow you to instantly access shipment information, pay invoices, and build automated reports. We won’t burden you with bells and whistles but rather sharp, simple, extremely useful tools that make your supply chain faster, safer, and better.

Thanks to decades of innovation focused exclusively on the distribution of complex goods, XGS not only offers a powerful portal but has the technological expertise to connect directly to your own processes and systems. Our API and EDI integrations seamlessly connect to your systems, letting you gain control of time-consuming back-office tasks.

XGS has the power, skill, and intelligence to move your products quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Expert Dev Team

• Proven engineering expertise
• Focused on business outcomes
• Efficient, maintainable code
• Customized API development

Powerful Tools

• Automated updates
• Inventory tracking
• Inventory mix planning
• Manpower forecasting

True Partnership

• Common goals
• Kept promises
• Clear communication
• Total accountability

Find out how the XGS custom solutions can supercharge your supply chain now.

When you integrate with XGS, our powerful supply chain advantages instantly become direct extensions of your business. You gain capacity, safety, and speed at a fraction of the cost and risk of internal development.