XGS + 7 Hills Transport

We are excited to announce the consolidation of 7 Hills Transport Texas facilities into the three XGS facilities located in Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston. Together we are optimizing our network of strategically located facilities to best serve our customers.  Read more on the merger of the two companies HERE.

If you have questions, please reach out to us at 7HillsSales@xgsi.com.


Total Supply Chain Intelligence

XGS gives you visibility into your critical inventory pipeline from origin to destination. Our powerful analytics, realtime tracking, and dashboard-level data lets you get the right floor to the right place with remarkable speed and efficiency.

Optimize your supply chain with data-driven insights.

XGS provides complete visibility and realtime data for every piece of flooring product in your inventory and every order in your delivery pipeline. This streamlined insight lets you proactively adjust inventory levels and manage resources according to market demand.

Realtime track and trace with FreightTracker

XGS FreightTracker provides realtime location and transit data for every order in your supply chain. You won’t have to waste time waiting on the phone just to get answers about the location of your flooring product. Instead, you’ll type a few numbers, and receive pinpoint accurate location information and instant ETA updates.

XGS gives you the information you need to deliver an unbeatable flooring experience.

Data-Driven Insights

• Pinpoint accuracy
• Inventory tracking
• Inventory mix planning
• Manpower forecasting

True Partnership

• Common goals
• Kept promises
• Clear communication
• Total accountability

Powerful Tools

• Automated updates
• Inventory tracking
• Inventory mix planning
• Manpower forecasting

Total Supply Chain Intelligence from XGS: your unfair competitive advantage.

Trade your stressful reactive mindset for confident proactive control. Partner with XGS and leverage decades of proven processes, tools, and insights that let you supercharge your flooring supply chain.

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