XGS + 7 Hills Transport

We are excited to announce the consolidation of 7 Hills Transport Texas facilities into the three XGS facilities located in Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston. Together we are optimizing our network of strategically located facilities to best serve our customers.  Read more on the merger of the two companies HERE.

If you have questions, please reach out to us at 7HillsSales@xgsi.com.


Deliver an exceptional customer experience with right-on-time distribution.

Your customers want the flooring off your shelves and into their homes ASAP. That means delivering the right product to the installer at the right time, every single time. Let XGS help you keep your customer promises and capture share-of-market by adding speed, safety, and value to your flooring distribution.

Every link in your supply chain is a promise to your customer. How do you keep them?

Flooring sales are the key to unlocking a lifetime of value: if a customer can’t trust you to help them lay new carpet in their living room, why would they trust you with anything else? Smaller regional carriers might be able to offer a low rate to move your product from point-A to point-B, but they don’t have—or want—the responsibility of custom cutting, realtime reporting, or coordinating delivery windows with the all-important installer.

The penny you pinched to trust a regional carrier could cost you tens of thousands of dollars in future revenue. Even worse, that customer who had a bad flooring experience can do massive damage to your reputation and send their friends to your competition. You literally can’t afford not to get your flooring distribution right every time.

Partner with XGS to add value to every link in your flooring supply chain.

Unlike carriers who treat flooring like any other load, XGS brings an array of specialized advantages to your entire distribution process. With value-add services like custom cutting, an experienced workforce that knows how to transport flooring inventory safely, and data-driven intelligence throughout, you can count on XGS to keep the promises you make to demanding customers from initial order to handoff to the installer.

XGS seamlessly integrates with your process and gives you a reliable, accountable partner to meet the market’s neverending need for speed. We understand the importance of flooring sales to your total store revenue, and we’re ready, willing, and able to help you increase both of them.

XGS helps you move fast, get it right, and grow your flooring sales.

Nationwide Reach

• Purpose-built distribution centers
• 30 with pick/pull and pallet building
• 16 with custom-cut capability
• 6 Flagship DCs with value-add services

Great for Installers

• Right product at the right time
• Work room delivery
• More efficient installations
• Better service for customers

True Specialist Partner

• Decades of flooring experience
• Highly trained workforce
• Proper equipment at every step
• Streamlined processes

The best time to dominate
share-of-market is now.

We help the biggest retailers in the country keep their promises every day, and we’re committed to helping you deliver a great experience for your critical flooring customers. Let’s get started.

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