Inclement weather has impacted the service of XGS in some areas of the country. Please check our Weather Alert Map to view affected service centers.

We appreciate your patience during this time and will route shipments to final destinations as soon as it is safe to do so. If you have any questions about a shipment, please contact us at


Simplify distribution.
Focus on increasing sales.

XGS allows you to access the horsepower, manpower, and data-driven intelligence you need to supercharge your supply chain and compete with any business, anytime, anywhere.

Customers want your goods now. How are you going to deliver?

Compelled by big promises from big retail brands, customer expectations are already extremely high. As an independent retailer, the time you spend trying to manage complex supply chain variables—unexpected costs, multiple vendors, and disorganized analytics—pulls your attention away from what you do best: driving sales and delivering great customer service.

You need a resource that specializes in complex freight transportation and inventory management. Our customizable tools provide data that helps you understand when, where, and how your orders move through the channel so you can focus on what you do best.

Partner with XGS and satisfy your most demanding customers.

When you trust XGS to take control of your specialized inventory, you dramatically simplify your supply chain operations. We streamline your product distribution and increase your speed to market by consolidating shipments into fewer loads, providing strategic storage closer to market demand, and offering custom-cut services of the most popular flooring products.

XGS is so much more than a carrier. We’re distribution specialists that let you tap into a massive supply chain power without taking on huge fixed costs to build and staff your distribution channel. You can finally say goodbye to the non-stop scramble to shave pennies off every shipment and instead stay focused on generating new revenue and growing your business.

XGS has everything you need to take control of your
supply chain operations.

The Only Partner You Need

• Maintain choice of brand in your store
• Ship everything with XGS
• Single source of truth
• Total control and peace of mind

Grow Your Total Business

• Consolidate shipments
• Streamline operations
• Reduce total COGS
• Focus on generating new sales

Gain Inventory Insights

• Track shipments with Freight Tracker
• Easily calculate transit times
• Get updates via SMS
• Use data to your advantage

The best time to dominate
share-of-market is now.

We help the biggest retailers in the country keep their promises every day, and we’re committed to helping you deliver a great experience for your critical flooring customers. Let’s get started.